More Than Just a Sport is a documentary project shot on 35mm film that aims to promote and educate people on the sport of Women’s Lacrosse. In addition to this, it takes a look at gender roles in sport and break down stereotypes of women. Taking inspiration from a number of photographer who deal with sport and separately; gender - it takes a deeper look into the sport than what is on the surface to many. Lacrosse is a sport that helped me and many others with mental health issues, and with this project I wanted to portray Lacrosse in such a light that celebrates the sport and the girls that play it. I want to carry on creating work that can empower women and show the world that they can do anything – I believe that this is an important thing to do in such a male dominated world. Shooting on 35mm film meant that each photograph was thought about, and there is a personal aspect to the photographs. Having developed the film by hand, I feel a closeness to the work which ties in with how the team has helped me.

I believe that the project is not yet complete, there is so much more I can do with it and I hope to in the coming years.

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