As Alfred Lord Tennyson once wrote ‘nothing was born, nothing will die, all things will change’, and sometimes changing can mean going back to how it was – or something completely different. If we look at it in terms of the environment, as it is changing – is it going back to how it once was? With rise in temperatures, erosion, sea level rising and storm surges, our planet is changing more than ever and has been threatened as ‘the sixth extinction’ – an extinction of everything we know and live for. Are we destined to carry on these mistakes and lead ourselves to follow in the footsteps of those before us? Will humans cease to exist how dinosaurs did? My project All Things Will Change looks at the natural process of coastal erosion that has been under increased threat from global warming. The project intends to inform and educate people on this process and how it is affecting our coastlines. Major changes need to be made as soon as possible for us to save the planet of any kind and I want to show people that they need to start making the changes now. People often think that the threat of global warming is a faraway concept – happening to other countries but not here. By photographing the coastal erosion in the UK, it is showing people that the problem is here, and it is now.

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