Over the past two years I have been visiting places in the UK that are crumbling into the sea. Speaking to residents and holiday-makers in these areas on the upheaval of their lives has been eye-opening to me. Through my photography project, All Things Will Change, I want to highlight the true impact of climate change – not just on landscapes far from us, but on those close to home.

From Leicester, in the middle of the UK, coastal erosion is not something I would have witnessed first-hand, but visiting Happisburgh, the Holderness Coast, Isle of Wight and Birling Gap, I have seen houses, caravan sites and roads all disappear as the sea encroaches further into our land. Over the next century, almost 7,000 homes are expected to fall into the sea – the cost to save them is more than they are worth. For homeowners, who are unable to access any compensation, the result is devastating.

It is easy to ignore a problem when you cannot see it, which is why All Things Will Change is a visual project – highlighting the reality of these seaside towns. I hope that my images will reach those who do not live on the coast, and I hope the stories that accompany them -those of residents that have lost homes, of businesses that have lost income and towns that lose vital land year on year – will help people to realise all things will change, unless we do.

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